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I like Helen Hunt.  To be more accurate, I like the person that I imagine her to be.

I've gotten to a point in my life that I can admire someone more for "who they are" as a person rather than what they do or how they look.  And in that regard, Helen Hunt is one of the very few "famous" people that I have any interest in actually meeting.

Her skill as an actor is incredible to witness (and awe-inspiring) at times, and that is partly what caught my attention those many years ago.  Okay, I admit it, I was also attracted to her physical appearance... long blonde hair, the cheekbones, eyebrows... her amazingly expressive eyes, etc.  But as I said above, I've come to understand that there is much, much more to a person than what she or he looks like.

The few hints that have slipped through in the media over the years have given tiny, tantilizing clues as to her personality and what she's (probably) like as a "real person", as opposed to her pre-packaged image as "the award-winning actress Helen Hunt."

I have deliberately called this an "appreciation" society, and not a fan club.  Miss Hunt does not walk on water, and I've heard she can get in quite a snit when the occasion arises.  Likewise, she can be quite charming and disarming much of the time-- just like anyone else you or I might know.

When it comes to looking up to someone as a "role model," I am sure there are others who might get higher marks in that department-- but from what I can tell, Miss Hunt is one of those few public figures who is serious about being a decent person, extremely serious about her craft, and sincerely believes that what she does outside of public view is nobody else's business but her own, as long as she is true to herself and her work.  And in my opinion, that is something worth appreciating (and emulating)-- in any person.

Thanks for visiting this humble web page and taking the time to read this.   Have a Great One, and... Blessed Be.

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